Self Defense for Seniors Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than the Keychain Alarm

There are a select few individuals that I can think of who are over the age of 55 and can put a serious physical hurting on the vast majority of 30 year old men out there. One of them is my Uncle Steve. He was a D-1 collegiate wrestling powerhouse and still coaches the local high school team. He is in amazing shape and is one senior citizen that I would rather not get into a physical altercation with, both because he is my uncle (and all-around great guy) and also because he would hurt me badly. If Uncle Steve was to find himself in a physical altercation with some lowlife mugger than I would pity the poor mugger, Uncle Steve doesn’t really need a whole lot of help in the self-defense department, the majority of senior citizens could probably benefit from some help. There are some seriously fit seniors out there but it doesn’t hurt to have an added measure of protection against assault, especially when it is so unbelievably easy and affordable to do so. acrylic charms

Seniors have plenty of options when it comes to arming themselves with an instrument of self-defense but the only ones I would ever recommend are of the non-lethal variety. I won’t go on an anti-gun tangent but suffice to say I am not pro-gun as firearms have a nasty habit of leaving people dead. What I strongly advocate is the use of non-lethal devices as an equally-effective alternative to firearms. Stun devices and defensive sprays (pepper spray, mace, etc…) are extremely effective and almost never result in a fatality. Not only do these non-lethal devices not take lives, they almost never leave the assailant with permanent side effects. I do understand that these devices can still be dangerous and potentially these weapons can be turned on the user, especially in the case of an individual who may not be as big and/or strong as his or her assailant.

That is why I would like to discuss personal alarms. Personal alarms are neither a stun device nor a defensive spray. They are 100% completely harmless but with that said these devices can still be extremely effective. Many personal alarms come in the form of a keychain alarm. A keychain alarm is great because it is rarely forgotten when leaving the house and a tool of self-defense isn’t going to help much if you don’t have it on you when an attack occurs. the keychain alarm works by emitting an extremely high decibel alarm that will startle the holy heck out of an assailant and, just as importantly, attract the attention of every man, woman and child in the nearby vicinity. Criminals (successful ones anyway) do not want to be caught and as such will turn tail and run when a 140 decibel alarm goes off. So please, if you are a senior citizen, especially those living alone, please strongly consider picking up a keychain alarm.

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